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The Emma Haines Kayak Mystery Series

Mystery intertwined with kayaking adventures

by Trudy Brandenburg


Former insurance fraud investigator Emma Haines loves to kayak. 
And sometimes she paddles into trouble.


Another River.  Another Mystery.

"Osprey on O'Shaughnessy Reservoir, as usual, love it and would just sit and read it if I could (that is the life I want).  Anyway, one thing I really, really like is that you get the action going right away! 
"I must say that you know how to keep a reader's interest by twisting up those plots and providing a lot of suspense! 
I poured through Nighthawks it left me dangling without the rest of the series. Within a week, I got Peacocks and Robins and it was ON! "
"Brandenburg weaves a vivid world of nature and human nature. Whether you're a kayak enthusiast or not you'll love reading this story. It's got it all, romance, mystery and great characters. Love it!"
​"I simply could not put this book down. Emma is such a spitfire - you can't help but root for her. You don't have to be a kayaker to love this book - I'm not - but it was fun learning more about it. I hope there is more. Gotta scram..."
"Emma is fearless and independent and her persistence enables her to unmask the bad guys while endearing her to several of the townsfolk. Emma’s down-to-earth presence is an authentic foil to Charles’s cultured demeanor.  These differences and the characters’ adjustment to them portray a realistic friendship as well as provide comic relief."
“I have read all three of the Emma Haines books and I’m looking forward to the fourth. I will happily purchase it when you let me know it is available.
Your development of the story lines and characters is excellent. I’m anxious to find out what happens next. Will Emma and Stratton stay together? Will Charles find new love? Is Merek really leaving for good?  I love Merek’s character. And I like how you flesh out his life in Robins. Also like learning more about Charles’s family as the characters develop from book to book. The scene in Robins where Stratton’s children are giving him love advice is priceless.
I prefer to kayak in quiet water, but the kayaking adventures are well written. It is especially fun to read about local places and for that reason, Peacocks on Paint Creek was especially fun to read.”
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